Max Kubierschky

Mathematics and Software Development


Since Okt 2020, project OpenHitch (

Development of a navigation based carpooling app and associated server infrastructure

(Kotlin, Android, Intellij/Android Studio, Graphhopper, Dropwizard, MQTT, ReactiveX)

May 2015-Sep 2020, Projektron GmbH (, Berlin

  • Collaboration on the project management system Projektron BCS (Java, Eclipse, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Scrum, Jenkins)

June-Okt. 2014, Giesecke & Devrient (

  • Development of crypto algorithms on smart cards
  • Design and implementation of counter measures against hardware attacks

(Assembler, C, Cryptograpy)

Feb. 2008-Feb. 2013: z-optimations GmbH (, Füssen

  • Design and implementation of mathematical Algorithms for optimization of industrial machine movements. (Delphi, Siemens 840D CNC)

June 2003-Apr.2006: Projektron GmbH (, Berlin

  • Design and Developement of an interface between Projektron BCS and Exchange Server 2003
  • Data migration
  • Concept and technical design of a risk management module
  • Design and Development of the Assignment Market Module

(Java, Eclipse, XML, JDBC, JUnit, Eclipse, Subversion, Tomcat, Ant, Perl)

Nov. 2002-Jan. 2003: e-motion-systems, Füssen

  • Design and Development of a module that calculates the kinematic and dynamic quantities of mechanical systems. (Delphi)
  • Design and Development of a modular system for the simulation and graphic representation of industrial machines. (Delphi)

Aug. 1999-Juli 2001: Giesecke & Devrient (, München

  • Development of cryptographic algorithms and their environment on smart cards. Design and Implementiation of measures to counter hardware attacks. Maintainance and update of the algorithms. (Assembler, Cryptography)
  • Implementation of a code generator for elliptic curve systems on smart cards. (Python, Assembler, Cryptography)

Jan.-June 1999: Isinet s.r.l (, Rom.

  • Web-programming (ASP,Perl,Java).
  • Stored Procedures and database access routines (MS-SQL, Visual Basic).

Nov.-Dez. 1998: Telesoft s.p.a, Santa Palomba, Italien

  • Collaboration on a distributed administration system for mobile phone contracts Telecom Italia Mobile (Java, Perl, C).

Feb.-Dez. 1997: ACTIV-CONSULT, Online Service Center, Berlin.

  • Dynamic parts of different web sites (Javascript, Perl)
  • Real estate marketing system (Java, JDBC, MS-SQL)

May 1994-Jan. 1995: Computational Linguistics Research Group of the Albert-Ludwigs-Universität, Freiburg.

  • Animated syntax graphs for a parser for natural language (Smalltalk)
  • GUI for the terminological knowledge representation system LOOM (Common-Lisp).

May-Okt. 1989 and different part time jobs between 1989 und 1994: Fraunhofer Institut für solare Energiesysteme (, Freiburg.

  • Database access routines (INGRES, SQL, QUEL, EQUEL/C)
  • Plot programs (FORTRAN77, DISSPLA)
  • Optical and thermal simulations and optimizations (C/FORTRAN77)
  • Laboratory automation (C++, Xlib, Lötkolben)
  • Controll program for a videodisc recorder (X, Motif, Uimx)
  • GUI for the 3D-visualisation program Rshow (C, Motif)
  • Reformatting and analysis of measured data (Shell, Awk, Yacc)